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Bionic Intelligence has completed the conversion of their portfolio of web sites to use the HTTPS encryption protocol in order to improve organic web traffic performance as well as to ensure your experience is secure and protected. Sites affected include SteveAwesome.com, ModelTexans.com, HottieCams.com, GamerChicks.com, and RealDollSex.com. Other existing legacy/support sites such as AbbieCash.com are now being redirected to our ManyVids store where, along with Clips4Sale, we now make our content available for download and/or membership.

Bionic Intelligence, MiniLoveDolls.com Partner for New Web Series

HOUSTON — Bionic Intelligence and MiniLoveDolls.com have partnered to deliver original content utilizing the latter company’s newest artificial companion product offerings.

Bionic’s founder Steve Awesome said the partnership will primarily result in new content for its flagship website RealDollSex.com.

“This is the newest love doll technology featuring a scaled down product that is lighter, easier to store, inconspicuously shipped, easily moved and extremely durable,” Awesome said. “The dolls are also available at a fraction of the price of full-sized love dolls.”

New scenes featuring the MiniLoveDolls.com silicone-based models have already begun appearing on the RealDollSex.com site with more scenes being filmed this summer for eventual release.

“Our new doll actresses are composed of high-quality, platinum cure silicone that offers unparalleled softness as well as flexibility thanks to a specially designed articulated skeleton. We can make these dolls do anything a full-sized doll can do and with greater realism. You won’t be able to tell the difference,” Awesome said, adding that the MiniLoveDolls.com alliance does not mean an end to working with Bionic Intelligence’s existing repertoire of RealDoll and BoyToyDoll performers.

“We plan to continue shooting 2D and 3D high definition videos with all of our existing silicone actresses for the foreseeable future. Our members value this variety of unique niche content so it’s in our best interest to deliver what the customer wants,” Awesome said.

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Bionic Intelligence Introduces 3D TexSex Gym Web Series

LOS ANGELES — Bionic Intelligence has launched a new web series set within the fictional TexSex Gymnasium.

“Our goal is to film unusual situations that highlight the strengths of our 3D technology,” said Steve Awesome, Bionic Intelligence writer/director. “We’re at the forefront of a new adult content delivery model and it never hurts to get ahead of the game.”

Bionic Intelligence previously launched its first 3D RealDoll sex video earlier this year, as well as adding the Nintendo 3DS as a new content viewing platform for the company’s 3D adult video library.

“We see glasses-free 3D technology as an inevitability in the consumer electronics industry,” Awesome said. “It took several years for color TV to catch on in the 1960s. We’re at a similar place in the 2010s. It’s only a matter of time until a game changing 3D viewing device will be adopted by the public en mass.”

The TexSex web series is available exclusively on ModelTexans.com.

The first episode starring petite newcomer PrettyXLikeXDrugs is now live.

A new episode featuring up and coming porn performer Jenna Suvari will be released the first week of April.

New episodes in full HD 3D will continue shooting through the spring with a first season target of 10 episodes planned.

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World’s First 3D Porn Featuring Lifelike RealDoll

The first 3D porn scene featuring Abyss Creations’ RealDoll has wrapped and is being readied for release on RealDollSex.com this month. Produced by Bionic Intelligence principal officer and frequent male talent Steve Awesome, the ground breaking scene also introduces newcomer April Booth to the industry. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to a certain young celebrity actress, the blue eyed starlet took to the unique nature of the RealDoll in no time.

“At first I thought it was going to be creepy but this really was a fun shoot!” said Booth as she helped fellow actor Awesome wipe cum off the belly of the silicone doll. “It sounds just like real sex, although I also think I can hear a balloon in there,” added April as she observed Steve Awesome taking long strokes within the doll’s artificial pussy.

Bionic Intelligence adds RealDollSex.com as the fourth site featuring stereoscopic 3D video content for their subscribers. “We first added 3D content on ModelTexans.com and quickly followed that with 3D webcam videos for HottieCams.com and 3D fantasy scenes for GamerChicks.com,” explained Awesome. “It was only a matter of time before we shot something with our sex doll as that’s our most popular site. Our domestic and foreign subscribers are clamoring for the new scene,” said Awesome.

As with previous releases in 3D, videos are shot in full HD 1920×1080 using two Canon Vixia HF20 cameras. The resulting left and right video is mixed and encoded for both SBS (side by side format) viewers as well as the millions of Nintendo 3DS users who recently applied the December 2011 system update enabling them to view 3D video content. “Subscribers simply download the files and copy them to their SD card,” explained Awesome.

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Bionic Intelligence Adds 3D Content for Nintendo 3DS


Bionic Intelligence announced today that all its current and future productions would be filmed in stereoscopic 3D and made available in formats compatible with the Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

The company is known for its niche genre sites which include GamerChicks.com and RealDollSex.com. Production in 3D began in 2011 on a limited basis, but based on current market trends and the growing availability of 3D viewing devices, the company decided to add 3DS compatible video for its subscribers.

“We’ve been able to rig custom 3D gear to offset the higher production costs using off-the-shelf prosumer equipment,” explained Steve Awesome, founder and operations chief for Bionic Intelligence. “When offered the option of a 3D vantage point, our site subscribers overwhelmingly choose 3D content over 2D.”

Standard 2D content can still be created from 3D content by utilizing only one of the two left and right channels. ”We won’t be locking out any subscribers who prefer two-dimensions over three,” Awesome said. “Heck, we’d even offer a black and white version if there were any demand for it.”

Recent scenes for the site ModelTexans.com starring amateur porn actress Jenna Suvari have already been published and made available in multiple formats including the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. HottieCams.com and GamerChicks.com also have begun featuring 3D compatible content for the gaming device.

“When Nintendo released their December update, they did the adult industry a favor by supplying consumers with millions of 3D capable devices at an affordable price,” Awesome said. “The process for converting 3D video to Nintendo 3DS compatability only takes minutes. Subscribers merely download and copy the files to their SD card for viewing on the device,” added Awesome.

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